Best Aftermarket Weed Eater Head 2022: Top Picks Reviewed

Best Aftermarket Weed Eater Head

5 Best Aftermarket Weed Eater Head of 2022: Reviews with Buying Guide: Are you facing many difficulties while handling your weed eater trimmer head? Then, it’s time to try out the best aftermarket weed eater head.

But are they better replacements for weed eater trimmers? Certainly yes, if you find the best ones from the market.

To eliminate the stubborn weeds from your lawn, you need a string trimmer that has a sharp head. If the trimmer’s head is not sharp or does not work well then, the problem gets worse. For that, you need to find the best aftermarket weed eater head for desired results.

Are you still confused about which one to buy? Do not worry; our experts have tried and tested the top aftermarket weed eater heads from the market. After that, they have made a list of the five best aftermarket weed eater heads.

Before jumping into the list, you need to the types of string trimmer head that works differently. By that, you can easily choose the best type of trimmer head.

Types of String Trimmer Head

There are three different types of string trimmer heads you will find in the market. These can work in different situations; however, it varies with the work.

Fixed Head

This is the most common that is used for the heavy-duty or commercial fix line head. It does not have the wind to spool to reload. Require to wind the thicker lines are ideal trimmer head that does not break too often. This can be a good weed eater replacement head used with thick and tough strings. It is best for commercial use.

Bump Head

These are the common type of head that is used by homeowners. It is perfect for using the grasses which are grown in a small yard. The winding of the trimmer lines needs manual action, and the winding does not need to require moving the head as a spool mechanism is used. As you have a spool supply, you do not have to get a new line for a time.

Automatic Head

These types are the most advanced ones as they have automatic options. They do not require manual feeding. It pulls on the spool and feeds the line when trimmers are used. These are slightly expensive but worth the type.

Now you are well aware of the types and how they function differently. You can choose any of the types according to your preference. But is that all you need to know before jumping into the list of the best aftermarket weed eater head.

Not Quite

There are some other factors that we highly recommend to you have a glance. These are a number of buying factors that you should consider well while buying a weed eater head. We assure you it will eat much of your time. Stay connected.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Weed Eater Head

Single line or a dual-line trimmer head

A trimmer head can be divided into two parts. The head that uses a single trimmer line is known as a single line trimmer head, and the head that uses two trimmer lines at a time is known as a dual-line trimmer head. A single line can be easily used and reloaded, but a dual-line trimmer head has maintenance issues but gives great results. Have a good look at the line. The better the line, the good the result.

Head Size

It is an important factor while buying as for a small yard you can go for a small weed eater head you will not need much effort to it, but if you have thicker grass, overgrown or forceful grass, then you need a bigger weed eater head. Know your garden, its size and grass thickness, and the kind of task you will use it for.  By that, the head will be in proper use.

Reloading speed

How easy is it to reload a trimmer, as manual winding the line can be a tough task? It directly affects the overall performance. For that, speed feed features trimmer can be a good option as it reloads in less than a minute.


This is a straight fact if the trimmer is not compatible enough, then the money gets wasted. Have a very good view of the given instructions, manual, specifications. You can get many options like curved or straight, a light-duty line, or a diameter line. Compatibility is a must using a weed eater head.


It is no wonder that durability depends on the material size. Most of them come in plastic; some come in full metal. So, while buying a trimmer head for durability, long service chooses the one with fewer moving parts. The less you put pressure, the more output it will give.


While using any machine for commercial or household purposes, safety is the main concern. As it should be easy to use, install, and should work effortlessly without any risk. For that, it’s wise to know every detail from the manufacturer and look carefully at the instructions before buying.


For heavy works like removing stubborn weeds, a strong weed eater head is needed. These heavy-duty ones are a bit pricy, but again if the work is small, the total cost will be less. Have a good look at the product, features, warranty, or services it can provide, as you will always want a product that adds value to your purchase.

So, that’s pretty much what you need to look for while buying a weed eater head. You will eventually figure out which one is best for you. Just keep the factors in mind while buying the products.

Now comes the most awaited segment of the article. We have gathered a list of the best aftermarket weed eater head. Our review consists of the pros and cons that we have found by using the products. So, we have saved much of your work and time by doing keen research from all sources.

5 Best Aftermarket Weed Eater Head 2022: Top Picks Reviewed

1. Husqvarna 966674401 T25 Tap Trimmer Advance Head:


Husqvarna is one of the most popular brand names for garden tools. There is no question why they are so well known in the garden tool world. They manufacture quality products with versatility and compatibility, which can be clearly seen in Husqvarna 966674401 T25 Tap Trimmer Advance Head.

The Husqvarna head can fit in both straight and curved shafts. The split spool design is handy and can prevent many issues that arise while removing grass. This little head can hold three different gauges of line. It is a bump feed model head that automatically feeds the line. By that, it will be easier for you as there will be no feeding and stopping.

Besides, it can be easily installed, reloaded; most importantly, it is a must-try for the new users as there will be no difficulties whatsoever while clearing weeds. All in all, its quality, split design or features all make this the overall best aftermarket weed eater head in the market.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Well built.
  • Universal head.
  • Durable.
  • Split pool design.
  • It can do heavy-duty tasks easily.
  • Easy and quick loading.
  • Can work with more than one string size.
  • Makes the work simple and quick.
  • It can last for a long time.
  • Can cut the tall grass smoothly.
  • It extends the line of the trimmer.
  • Affordable.
  • Instructions are complicated to understand.
  • Light material.

2. WW EZ Lock Head Weed Warrior Trimmer Head:


If you want an affordable, durable, and high-quality trimmer head, then WW EZ Lock Head Weed Warrior Trimmer Head is the excellent pick for you.

It can very well work on both curved and straight shafts. What makes it ideal is the head cuts with four lines at once. When you start trimming or edging grass, you can see its efficiency. The thickness of the line can vary from different inches. It consumes very few lines and won’t tangle with the long or deep grass easily.

Moreover, it will save much of your time, and there will be no hassle while trimming. The head is easy to install; thus, your frustration while trimming long and stubborn grasses will vanish. Also, it will go well with every adapter, be it the old one. Roger that, if you have a gas trimmer, this one is the best option for you. It is a trimmer head that will surely add value to the money with all provided quality features.

  • Rugged material and construction.
  • Easy to load, install, replace.
  • Lightweight.
  • Very durable.
  • Universal fit.
  • Best for gas power trimmers.
  • Can use lines of different thicknesses.
  • It uses four lines at once, which delivers stronger performance.
  • It has a good cutting performance.
  • It won’t tangle easily.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • It can face hardship while tackling the deep grass.
  • Reloading takes a bit more time.

3. MaxPower Pivo Trim Universal Aftermarket Trimmer Head:


If you are looking for an easy reload model to reload model which has exceptional features, then go no far; MaxPower Pivo Trim Universal Aftermarket Trimmer Head is the match for you.

This trimmer head is made of solid and sturdy metal. The features it has will surely make you satisfied like the thick lines are powerful enough to clear the strong and rough weeds. It takes a few seconds to replace the worn-out line. As the unit is universal, it can fit itself with any brand of trimmer. Another fantastic feature is the premium pre-cut trimmer line which will prevent any crack or breakage.

Furthermore, it is a versatile weed eater head that goes well with a straight or curved shaft trimmer. The quality of these lines is way better than other brands’ trimmer heads. Hands down, this is the best universal trimmer head you will get in the market at a reasonable price.

  • Easy to install.
  • The head is made of hard and sturdy metal.
  • Highly durable.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Time saver.
  • It has good cutting power.
  • Has special designs which protect from cracks and breaks.
  • Instead of one or two lines, it can cut up to six.
  • Fits with most trimmer models.
  • Works better than the OEM heads.
  • Has thick lines which are strong enough to clean all kinds of weeds.
  • Inexpensive.
  • It has no head body to protect the string and trimmer.
  • Not for professional use.
  • Instructions are a bit unclear.

4. Grass Gator 4680 Brush Cutter Extra Heavy Duty Replacement Trimmer Head:


As the name suggests, Grass Gator 4680 Brush Cutter Extra Heavy Duty Replacement Trimmer Head is a trimmer head with lots of capabilities.

It is a trimmer that is suitable for gas power trimmers. It is made of steel and plastic, which is heavier than others in the race. It has a very strong engine of 25cc, which can well fit with any other brand. If you are edging or trimming, this capable trimmer head will be the right for these sorts of heavy works. It is mainly a commercial grade trimmer that can cut the thick weeds, grass, branches, even barbarian weeds.

Besides, if your garden is filled with overgrown and stubborn grass, this trimmer head can gift you a clear garden by clearing all the weeds efficiently. It is the best choice if you have a big garden or lawn. Hence, it will be a great deal if you puck this heavy-duty weed eater head. You will not be disappointed with its overall high-quality performance.

  • Sturdy Material.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can do edging and trimming very well.
  • Made with steel and plastic.
  • Lightweight and productive.
  • Extremely powerful.
  • It uses three metal blades.
  • It can give a heavy-duty performance.
  • Excellent construction.
  • Goes well with other brands.
  • Can easily clean branches, tall grass, tough barbarian weeds, etc.
  • Suitable for commercial purposes.
  • Durable.
  • Can deliver long-lasting performance.
  • Too large.
  • Can overheat the trimmer.
  • Not for residential use.

5. Oregon 55-265 Trimmer Head Speed Feed Straight:



If you want a medium to heavy-duty trimmer head for landscaping work, then Oregon 55-265 Trimmer Head Speed Feed Straight is the ultimate option for you.

It has a semi-automatic design that uses two string trimmers with a speed feed design that is durable and loads very quickly in less than 30 seconds. The trimmer head is built with an inner wall that stops debris and other dust.

Also, it features a line tension system with a split spool. So there will be no vibration sounds in the process. If it is about compatibility, then this trimmer head can be the best option. It has an efficient trimmer head that can do any tough landscaping job, saving much of your time. Thus, it is the best speed feed trimmer head you will find in these categories.

  • Superb quality.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Split spool design
  • Easier to load.
  • Medium to the heavy-duty performer.
  • Has adapter to ensure that it fits easily on most of the trimmer.
  • It can be operated with minimal effort.
  • Produce less vibration.
  • Rapid loading of strimmer lines in fewer seconds.
  • Has large durable eye leads, which increase service life.
  • It has an inner wall that protects from dust and debris coming inside.
  • It may not fit with all trimmers.
  • Not for light works

Final Words: Best Aftermarket Weed Eater Head

These were the five best aftermarket weed eater heads available in the market. We’ve tried to cover every detail in the article, so it is on you to choose the one the suits you the best.

Even so, are you still confused about which is the best aftermarket weed eater head?

Well, we have made two final recommendations based on the best budget aftermarket weed eater head and the best overall aftermarket weed eater head. These are:

WW EZ Lock Head Weed Warrior Trimmer Head: Best Budget Aftermarket Weed Eater Head

WW EZ Lock Head Weed Warrior Trimmer Head is the best budget aftermarket weed eater head not only because of its affordable price range but also because it provides quality services despite being less price. To find such a gem-quality weed eater head at such an affordable price from the market is truly remarkable.

Husqvarna 966674401 T25 Tap Trimmer Advance Head: Best Overall Aftermarket Weed Eater Head

The best overall aftermarket weed eater head is none other than Husqvarna 966674401 T25 Tap Trimmer Advance Head. Despite having some lacking, which are very common in weed eater heads. This weed eater has all the qualities like universal head, is easy to use, has multiple string sizes, and many more. This machine is an absolute gem when it comes to its features and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace the trimmer head? 

If you feel you struggle to replace or pull out a string trimmer line, you will love this fix. The trimmer head that is old and frustrating so much can be replaced with an easy-loading version adapter required for some models.

What is the thickest weed eater liner?

String trimmer line has a variety of thicknesses. For the light type of work, such as trimming grass, 0.065-0.085 would be good enough. But for the thicker grass or weeds, a line in the 0.085-0.110 range will do the job easily. And for thicker underbrush, anything thicker than 0.110 will work smoothly.

Are Line trimmer heads Universal? 

As the unit is universal, it fits well with almost all the brands of the string trimmer. So, without any doubt, you can use this head with your weed eater despite its brand. Versatility is the key feature of this head trimmer.

Are hyper tough weed eaters any good?

The battery-powered trimmer is the best option if a person has a big yard. But if you have a small to large yard, you can easily trim this it with the corded hyper tough weed eater. These trimmers are good enough to do the work.

Can I use a trimmer on wet grass? 

It is not recommended to use a trimmer on wet grass as using a string trimmer on wet grass can damage its part, be it the head or all parts. There can also be uneven trim and other damage.

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