Best Heater for Small Greenhouse 2022: Top Picks Reviewed

Best Heater for Small Greenhouse

Best Heater for Small Greenhouse of 2022: Reviews with Buying Guide: Are you tired of using standard heating techniques to protect your small greenhouse from frost? If yes, it’s time for you to go for a greenhouse heater for your small greenhouse.

But are they effective enough to warm the greenhouse plants when the temperature drops? Certainly, yes, if you can find the best ones in the market. In today’s market, there are so many electric greenhouse heaters available. So, it is very typical for you to get confused. You will surely want your greenhouse plants to grow well even in cold temperatures. For that, you need to find the best heater for a small greenhouse.

Are you confused about which one to buy? Do not take the pressure; our experts have tried the top heaters for small greenhouses in the market. So, we have gathered a list of the five best heaters for small greenhouses. Before jumping into the list, you need to know about the types of small greenhouse heaters that work differently. By that, you can choose the one best suits your preference.

Types of Greenhouse Heaters

There are different types of greenhouse heaters found in the market. Which helps the plants to provide heat and growth. The most popular types are:

  • Electric greenhouse heater

It is efficient enough to produce a wide range of power outputs but it is costly. Electric heaters are preferred for plants because they do not produce emissions. They have waterproof abilities, an energy-saving thermostat, and need low maintenance. Thus, a profound choice for gardeners.

  • Paraffin heaters 

A paraffin heater, also known as a kerosene heater, produces heat and emissions that are very good for plants. They come at low prices, and if you have access to cheap fuel, then the overall is significantly less. It is only suitable for a greenhouse to keep it frost-free. They do not have a thermostat and need no electricity. However, it is perfect for occasional heating.

  • Gas Greenhouse Heaters

Gas heaters are popular for their propane gas. It also provides enough moisture, which the greenhouse requires. The greenhouse needs an ample amount of ventilation. Thus, a good option in providing heat.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Heater For Small Greenhouse

There are vital features that you must give attention to while buying. These are some features that will make a heater more efficient to work properly. Let us have a look.

  • Heating Capacity

Heating capacity is significant for heating the greenhouse. Watts in the thermal unit measures the heating capacity of the heater. Heaters mostly come in 750 to 3000 watts. This feature is essential for a heater to be efficient, be it for a wide or small range.

  • Setting feature

The heat setting feature in the heater helps the users use it easily. Heaters have different kinds of settings and adjusting features. There should be thermostat adjusting features in the heater that can be adjusted and regulated with the environment.

  • Noise-free feature

A small greenhouse heater should have a noise-free operation feature. It helps to avoid disturbing free noises. Greenhouse heaters have the features, but that can be a problem if not that.

  • Weight

Heaters for small greenhouses come in many different weights. It is essential that the weight be safe and easily placed. Heaters normally come in Ibs. It will be better if the heater is compact and with light-weight

Now you are well aware of the features, I hope you can get a better idea. You can easily make a better decision keeping these features in mind. But is this all you need to know before going into the list of the best heater for small greenhouses?

Not Really!

We highly recommend you to look at some more buying factors. These are buying guides that you need to consider before buying a heater for a small greenhouse. It won’t take much time. So kindly stay connected.

Some Buyers Guide to Consider Before Buying the Product

  • Safety 

When buying any electrical machines, safety is the first concern that comes to mind. A greenhouse must have a thermostat controller, auto-shut-off function, heat resistant system to assure safety measures to the users. If the situations get bad, the on and off button can avoid any damage. Thus, a heater must provide a safety operator.

  • Energy efficient

The heater of the greenhouse must be energy efficient. Should work on the low voltage, which will help to reduce the energy consumption and save a lot of energy.

  • Location

The location of the growing zone matters the most as the heater should be positioned perfectly. By, the heat will be equal in the plants and will grow well. It will be difficult to locate the heater in a small greenhouse if the heater is large.

  • Warranty

Warranty plays a very pivotal role in buying a premium greenhouse heater. Most heaters come on five years warranty. It will make you free from unnecessary replacement issues.

  • Price

If you are spending a lot of money, you will want to buy a good heater for your greenhouse. The heater should provide value to the money that you have to spend. So that’s pretty much what you need to know before buying a heater for a small greenhouse. These factors will help you in making a wise decision while choosing any heaters.

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So, we have reached the most anticipated part of the article. We have gathered a list of the heater for a small greenhouse. Our review will cover the pros and cons that we have practically found by using the heaters. To save your time, indeed we have sweated off ourselves.

Top 5 Best Heater for Small Greenhouse of 2022 (Reviews with Buying Guide)

1. Vornado MVH Vortex Heater


Are you looking for a compact small-size heater with efficient quality for your greenhouse? Then, Vornado MVH Vortex Heater is an ideal match for you. It has a three-mode heater setting that allows you to have good control over the thermostatic temperature as per your preference. It will automatically stop heating, detecting the temperature as it has auto climate control.

It has an air circulation system that equally distributes warm air to the plants. What if I tell you, you can make your plants healthy and warm even on winter days by using the Vornado vortex heater. It provides gentle heat to the plants, which plants can adjust. You can easily trust this, considering all provided safety options. All in all, it is the best heater for a small greenhouse.

  • Easy to adjust the setting.
  • Lightweight, compact design.
  • Has automatic shut off and on.
  • Give centralize and maximum heating temperature.
  • Comes with safety features.
  • Creates no noise.
  • Portable.
  • 5-year warranty
  • Costly
  • Gives a strong odor in the initial using stage.

2. Dr. Heater DR218- 1500w Infrared Heater


Are you looking for a reliable heat source for your plants? Dr. Heater DR218- 1500w Infrared Heater can successfully keep your plants heather and tender in winter. This is a professional heater with fan-forced air technology with a potable size that allows smooth movement.

The outer surface of the dr infrared heater is always cool and can divert heat at every corner of the greenhouse. Also, the unique temperature sensor helps to monitor the temperature well enough. What’s best is, other heavy-duty heaters are heavy or may not adjust well with the climate or size but this infrared heater is light-weight and sturdy enough to bear every weather condition.

This heater is the best power saver appliance you need in your greenhouse. Lastly, it is adjustable, safe, and goes well in colder climate regions. It is the perfect suitable heater for a small greenhouse that you can easily rely on.

  • Easy to use and install.
  • A highly durable frame.
  • Comes with moisture-retaining capacity.
  • Built with heavy-duty steel house
  • Can provide non-stop heat circulation to the greenhouse.
  • Saves electricity consumption.
  • Ensures safety
  • No need for extra maintenance.
  • Creates noise.
  • No automatic thermostat setting feature.
  • Heating capacity up to 150 square kilometers.

3. Bio Green Palma Basic Electric Fan Heater


Bio Green Palma Basic Electric Fan Heater best compact size and energy-efficient heater. Surprise not! It has a built-in fan that provides proper ventilation and heat distribution rate for even heat circular rates. It is a sturdy, and reliable heater credit goes to its top-quality features.

The high air circulation features provide the required heat to small or young plants. It reduces the consumption of energy. Not only that, the temperature can also be controlled according to the measures. If you want to grow plants in too cold a temperature, you can easily do this with this versatile heater.

Moreover, it has safety features, thermostat control, class design, and protection levels, so there is no chance of any danger. It is a simple yet classy heater that can fill every requirement box for the finest greenhouse heater. This heater will surely give excellent value for your money.

  • Highly efficient in fast heating
  • Instant cooling.
  • Energy efficient
  • Has automatic shutting feature
  • Flexible temperature setting.
  • Splash proof
  • Portable.
  • Durable with steel outer casting
  • Expensive
  • Can heat greenhouse up to 120qft only

4. Buyplus Electric Greenhouse Fan Heater


Buy plus Electric Greenhouse Fan Heater is designed for protecting plants from chilling temperature. This heating technology does not need any flame to produce heat. It is a perfect supplementary heating solution for your greenhouse. It has three thermostat settings that gives a suitable environment to the plants.

Moreover, it has a very good heating capacity. The built-in fan circulates heat all over the plants. By that, plants can grow well in their original form. If you adjust the temperature once depending on your plants in the greenhouse and weather. Then you do not need to worry about to off it.

However, this greenhouse heater may be a compact size heater but the qualities it poses are simply praiseworthy. The energy-saving mode saves lots of energy and has a sturdy frame. If you are wanting a heater that is budget-friendly, portable, and has an instant cooling feature without a doubt this heater will be a worthy bang for the buck.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Gives high power heating services
  • ETL listed
  • Has fast cooling feature
  • Noise-free fan
  • Has automatic shutting safety feature
  • Affordable
  • Reaches to maximum temperature before shutting.
  • Not for large rooms.

5. Bio Green Phonix Electric Greenhouse


If you want a solution to keep your greenhouse free from frost, this highly efficient Bio-Green Phonix Electric Greenhouse heater is perfect. It is an electric heating system that comes with three heat output options. It might be small heating equipment but can produce big output even in large greenhouses.

This is the best option as it has a fantastic heating quality that can very well keep the plant frost-free. It can provide consistent heat for seeding and plant growth. The built-in fan is ideal for circulating the heat level and can last for a very long time. Hence, the two-in-one heater can provide heat to young plants and can protect them from frost. Besides, it has high-end reliability and quality performance, which makes it worthy of the money.

  • Easy to use and operate
  • Unique air circulation design.
  • Has frost detection function
  • Easy temperature controlling feature.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Creates no noise
  • Supports different temperatures
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for large square feet
  • The thermostat could be more accurate.

Final Word: Best Heater for Small Greenhouse

So far, we have provided all the details and honest reviews on the best heater for a small greenhouse. But, there might still be a little confusion left about which is the best heater for the small greenhouse?

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For that, we have made two final recommendations based on the best budget heater for a small greenhouse and the best overall heater for a small greenhouse. These are-

Budget Best Heater for Small Greenhouse

Buyplus Electric Greenhouse Fan Heater is the best budget heater for a small greenhouse not because of its affordable price but also the top services it provides to the customers. To find a well compact size design heater with such quality features and price in the market is simply unexpected. On the whole, it is the best pick for the best budget heater.

Overall Best Heater for Small Greenhouse

The best overall heater for the small greenhouse is none other than Bio Green Palma Basic Electric Fan Heater. Although, it has a bit faults, which are very common to all categories of heaters. It is a heater that gives the fastest heating efficiency and fast cooling service. All in all, considering all aspects, it is the best heater for a small greenhouse.

Frequently Answered Questions

What type of heater is best for a greenhouse?

A normal gas heater for a greenhouse can run at about 80% efficiency. It is because of the heat loss through the exhaust ports. Ventilation is not needed with electric heat. This type of heating itself is very much efficient. Electric heating runs at 100% efficiency.

Can you heat a mini greenhouse?

If you insulate your mini greenhouse, it will slow down the loss of heat from the mini greenhouse. This is okay if the days are warmer and the frost is just overnight. However, additional heat is much needed to keep the greenhouse more freezing when it’s too cold.

How do I keep my small greenhouse warm at night?

You can apply the easiest and non-expensive method for warming the greenhouse in the winter by creating a thermal mass or heat sink. These objects can very well absorb all the heat during the day and release it during the chill nighttime. It will up its temperature by a degree or two, and it can surely make all the difference.

How do you keep a small house greenhouse from heating?

You can easily do this by installing a heater in your greenhouse. By far, this is the most obvious solution for keeping your greenhouse from freezing. You can try using a space heater, or you can install something more permanent.

Will a greenhouse keep plants from freezing? 

Certainly, yes. Mini-green houses can protect the plants from frost. It will offer enough insulation to ensure that the greenhouse’s temperature stays at least 5 degrees higher than the outside temperature. So, it can be said a mini-greenhouse will offer more than enough protection to your plants during the chilling winter weather.

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