Best Replacement Table Saw Fences 2022: Top Picks Reviewed

Best Replacement Table Saw Fences

5 Best Replacement Table Saw Fences of 2022: Reviews with Buying Guide: Are you not fully satisfied with your current table saw performance? Then, it is high time for you to try the best replacement table saw fences.

But can they improve the performance of the table saw? Certainly yes, if you manage to find the best ones from the market.

A table saw fence is one of the essential power tools when using a table saw. Because it provides the perfect straight edge with all accuracy and safety, while using the fence, it should be smooth enough and should not move. For that, you need to find the best replacement table saw fences for effective results.

Are you confused about which one to buy? Do not worry; our experts have tested the top replacement table saw fences in the market. After that, we have made a list of the five best replacement table saw fences.

However, before jumping into the list, you need to know a number of buying factors. By that, you can easily choose the one according to your preferences.

Factors To Consider When Choosing This Product

There are a number of factors which we recommend you to consider well. There are some buying factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing replacement table saw fences. It won’t cost much of your time. So kindly stay with us.

Built material 

The fences that are made of a combination of aluminum and steel are the best-built material. Steel provides a good solidity to the weight and whole system. On the other side, aluminum levels the fence making it light in weight and easy to move.

However, there are other materials like plastic and wood. But for the long-term service better to go with the combination of steel and aluminum.

Table size saw 

The rip fences and table saw size comes in a range of variety. Many tables saw fences are there are designed to be universal. It can be fitted to any size option.  One has to know the proper dimension of the table saw and grab the same fencing system. Be sure to check the table saw and fence size properly. There are models that only work on a 27-inch table, whereas other fences have 42 inches long and more to be used on tables with depth.

RIP size

This is a very important part while shopping for the table saw fence. For that, you need to consider your works and the kind of logs that will be split. If you have larger projects for the future, then it’s wise to go for a fence with a large rip size.  Also, choose a fence that has well adjustable based on the rip capacity.


Weight is a key factor that should be considered very well. If the fence is heavy, it may not slide easily, which can put serious pressure on the table. For that, you need to use strong force, which may spoil all the work. On the contrary, if a fence is too light, the quality may be very bad even there are chances of breaking.  So, it’s better to consider a range between 30Ibs to 50Ibs.

Ease of install, use, and adjust the fence. 

Most of the fence’s system is perfect on the various table saws, but some of the fences models require drilling new holes. So, one has to mark the drill and install it properly with ease.

A fence will allow you easy and fast setups. Also, you can gain control of the single-handed locking cam or lever while using it. Check these very well, as it will let you manipulate the controls.

However, if you want an easy-adjust fence, you should follow the instruction well. For that, check the number well whether it is big enough to make them read easily or not. Also, have a close eye on if the numbers are fixed, just stuck, or written on the fence. By following the proper instruction, you can install, use and adjust the fences with ease.


If you are not planning to buy the whole set that a compatibility problem may arise. When you buy a saw fence, be sure that the parts will work well with the existing one. Take proper measurement of the length of the table, check the hole pattern, and model.  Be sure with the measurement that there will be no issues.


Price is a vital factor in the case of buying a fence. A good fence will cost about $100 to $400. So better not to go for the cheap quality, poor models as they will not last for a long time. Choose a fence that comes with decent quality, easy installations, good material, long warranty life with an affordable price range. Thus, it will add value to the purchase.

So, that’s pretty much what you need to know while buying a replacement table saw fence. After going through all this, you can decide which table saw fences are best for you.

Now comes the most significant section of the article. We have gathered a list of the best replacement table saw fences. Our review will consist of all the pros and cons that we have practically finger out by using the table saw fences. So, we have saved you a lot of time by making hardcore efforts.

5 Best Replacement Table Saw Fences of 2022: Top Picks Reviewed

1. Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System 36-Inch Fence Bar 26-Inch To Right:



Are you looking for a versatile table saw fence that has quality features, easy to use and adjust? If yes then, Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System 36-Inch Fence Bar 26-Inch To Right is the best choice for you to choose.

The Vega U26 table saw fence system is the most sought high-end saw table that has the best ranking in the whole market. It is designed to go well with the other variety of table saws. It has a front and rear rail for mounting the fence. Has a good rip capacity, you can free space for making rips of different sizes. The strong steel construction makes it ideal for all kinds of projects.

Moreover, the model gives a smooth yet sturdy slide that gives precise cuts. The micro-adjustments and auxiliary table support enhance its delivery. You can easily install and adjust in a quick time. The features help you to do the work in an easier and secure way. All in all, this is the overall best replacement table saw fences considering all aspects.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • The fence is easy to assemble.
  • Built with high quality
  • Steel construction.
  • Goes well with other table saws.
  • It can be assembled in very little time.
  • Offers precise cuts.
  • Secure and strong.
  • Has fine adjusted.
  • Buttery smooth rolling.
  • Has fine adjustments knobs to easily manipulate the fence.
  • Has good rip capacity.
  • Highly durable.
  • Expensive.
  • Not for heavy-duty projects.
  • It may not go well with other models.

2. Delta Power Tools 78-919BT2 Biesemyer Fence, Black:



If you have an older table saw present in your house and you want an ideal fence for it, Delta Power Tools 78-919BT2 Biesemyer Fence, Black is the match for you.

This biesemeyer fence system comes with a very simple design yet assures its accuracy. It will provide you a solid surface to place your woods projects, also gives rip cuts, it features a rail system that has a fence along with it. If you are planning a table saw fence upgrade, then you can rely on this. What makes the fence unique is its adjustability. The whole fence can be adjusted well because it has a locking system that will offer you fast and accurate cuts. There is nothing complex in it; you can easily install and start using it.

Moreover, it is the best table saw fence currently on the market because of its features. Be it precise cut, unique mounting, accuracy level, etc. Thus, it is the best pick for those who have old saw models.

  • Easy to install and start.
  • Simple design and functionality.
  • Compact.
  • Commercial grade quality.
  • Has sturdy front carriage.
  • Plastic layered wood panel walls will give a smooth gliding surface.
  • Very adjustable.
  • Ideal weight.
  • Goes well with older saws models.
  • Has a unique mounting system.
  • Offers precise cuts.
  • Provides a solid surface for making rip cuts.
  • Has easy replacement fence assembly.
  • It is rigid for better rip capacity.
  • Might not need a manual guide.
  • Can give a long-term performance.
  • Expensive
  • Plastic marking guides may break easily if bumped.
  • May need to drill more than four holes.

3. Delta 36-T30T3, 30 in. Delta T3 Fence System:



Delta 36-T30T3, 30 in. Delta T3 Fence System is a highly durable, top-notch, yet budget-friendly product made by Delta Brand.

Delta brand is a top brand that has been making high-quality power tools for a very long time. This delta 36t31 comes with highly strong construction, which is durable and stable. It comes with a steel tube body and welding, which gives it enough strength at the joints. The surface is not rough at all, and you can glide smoothly when in use or positioning.  It is a one-piece rail with a square tubular cross-section. This square tubular section gives the whole structure a proper overall balance.

Moreover, you can cut very easily has it has 3 point locking system with twin hairline pointers which will provide accuracy within the inches and easy straight cuts. Adding to it, the secure clamping points at the front tube and hook over the rear rails will offer stability to your project. All in all, this is a highly efficient product that will surely add value to your money.

  • Easy to install.
  • Made with steel and aluminum.
  • Strong built quality and rigidity.
  • Has steel guide tube with scale.
  • It cramps securely in place so does not wobble.
  • Very strong construction.
  • Has T square locking system with three points which gives better accuracy.
  • Allows super and accurate cuts.
  • It can be used on both sides of the saw blade.
  • Comes with rear holding stability for jigs and boards.
  • Can efficiently handle quick and repetitive work.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Durable design.
  • Plastic handles represent a weak point in the durable building.
  • The fence may need some adjustments.

4. 1500mm/60Digital Saw Fence Readout:



1500mm/60Digital Saw Fence Readout is a unique design saw fence that can really impress you with its features.

The Wixey WR700 Saw digital fence readout is a high-quality product Wixey brand. It is one of the biggest best tables saw fences which is 60 inches long. It is made with sturdy aluminum and has a universal mounting bracket that allows you to be installed on the rails. The most highlighting feature of this product is its digital readout. It uses its precise fraction technology, which will give you proper measurements of any fence.

Not only that, it has a magnetic attachment that will allow you to remove the fence and maintain calibration. Also has a large digital screen that can read measures in inches, fractions, millimeters. This indicates once you install, there is nothing to worry about. It can give you heavy-duty performance in a quick time with less hassle. If you are a beginner, this is the best choice you can go for.

  • Can be installed easily.
  • Made with sturdy aluminum material.
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Has magnetic attachments which allow the fence to be removed.
  • Fits in a variety of saws.
  • It can digitally measure fences.
  • Comes with a large rip capacity
  • It can read in inches and millimeters.
  • It can be calibrated on both sides.
  • Very good length.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Best battery life.
  • Reliable.
  • Needs recalculate more often.
  • Does not come with lots of accessories.

5. Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence:




If you are looking for a durable fencing system with an affordable price range then, Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence is the perfect choice for you.

Shop Fox W1716 is made of steel and aluminum body with enough strength and durability. This model is durable because of its key features like steel aluminum construction and right-angle design. Even if the construction is solid yet, you can easily handle this. It comes with 57inch rails that give you a maximum rip to the Right of the blade. Not only that, it has a heavy-duty cam lever that provides a solid lock that you can place in your desired position. You can easily manipulate this with one hand.

The specialty of the fox w1716 table saw fence is it can fit in the various saws due to its adjustment points, also, it comes with a torsion design and has many more qualities to impress you. Thus, this is the best budget table saw fence you can choose from the market at an affordable price.

  • Easy to handle and move.
  • Sturdy operation.
  • Solid construction.
  • Wide right-angle design.
  • Light in weight.
  • Standard 57-inch rail
  • Highly precise.
  • Features heavy-duty cam lever front locking mechanism.
  • Has magnifying cursor that makes the measurements easy to read.
  • Comes with adjustable fence pads and measuring tape.
  • It can fit most tables saw easily.
  • Highly durable.
  • Ensures safety and reliability.
  • Long life span.
  • Affordable.
  • Maximum rip capacity is limited.
  • Instructions are confusing.
  • Installation can be a mess.

Final Words: Best Replacement Table Saw Fences

These were the five best replacement table saw fences that are available in the market. We’ve tried to cover every detail in the article, so it is on you to determine which one to choose and buy.

Are you still confused about which is the best replacement table saw fences?

Well, we have made two final recommendations based on the best budget replacement table saw fences, and the best overall replacement table saw fences.

Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence: Best Budget Replacement Table Saw Fences

Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence is the best budget replacement table saw fence not only because of its affordable price range also because it provides quality services to the customers by its performance. It is made with high-quality material and can fit with most table saw fences easily. Getting such superb features at an affordable price is highly remarkable.

Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System 36-Inch Fence Bar 26-Inch To Right: Best Overall Replacement Table Saw Fences

The best overall replacement table saw fence is none other than Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System 36-Inch Fence Bar 26-Inch To Right. It is a heavy-duty, and lightweight table saw fence that can be adjusted easily. However, it does have some faults which are common to its category. It is an absolute gem when it comes to its performance, features, qualities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a table saw worth the money?

If you are a beginner and you are concerned about your abilities to make nice cutting and if you want to do cross-cutting/ripping a ton of similar-sized boards that a table saw will be the best option. It is a convenient tool that will be worth having if you have space for it.

What is the most accurate table saw fence?

The most suggested table, so fences from the market are Vega Pro, Vega Utility, table saw fences systems. They are easy to install, have a sturdy construction, precise locking, and micro-adjustment features make the fences a must-buy.

What is a fence for a table saw?

Having a fence allows you to make proper rip cuts going with the wood grain on which you are working. The fence gives you a parallel surface for the blade to get a straight cut. Table saws often come with fences, but they will need a replacement for various reasons. However, it is better to buy one that fits your current table saw system.

Should I upgrade my table saw blade?

Suppose you want to know whether the high-quality blades are worth it for the long run, then yes. The higher blades tend to stay sharp for a long time and can be resharpened instead of getting a new one.

How accurate does a table saw fence need to be?

As long as the blade is square to the rip fence and square to the table, you can easily do the work. However, a two-wide cut will be perfect enough even for the finest work. This will be accurate enough in the case of a table saw fence.

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