What Is a Garden Tub? Range of Garden Tubs: Complete Guide

What Is a Garden Tub?

What Is a Garden Tub: What to Know In 2022? Reusing and giving a second chance to disused items has become a friendly trend. We are not surprised, therefore, to have found different uses for the same bathtub. We can use it to take a bath, of course, but also to create planters, ponds, fountains, or sofas. And most importantly, we can turn a bathtub into a garden tub to make our garden more luxurious & peaceful. Now you wonder, what is a garden tub? Well, this article is all about that. 

A garden tub is not necessarily in the tulip patch, although it can be. It is a large, luxurious, freestanding tub that sits outside in a garden or is located in an interior room that has been given the appearance of a garden.

Note: The sole purpose of a garden tub is to allow for sumptuous relaxation, so don’t expect showers or jets of water.

History of Garden Tubs


History of Garden Tubs


If the idea of a garden tub makes you think of Downton Abbey, you’re not far from the truth. Garden tubs were created in the early 18th century when they were only owned by the “manor-born.” Wealthy aristocrats and courtiers placed them in their vast, impeccably manicured gardens, tended by numerous servants. They originated in Europe and were often seen in French villas.

But today’s garden tubs, often called “soaking tubs,” are located in master baths and simulate a garden look with plants and natural materials. They are often situated near huge windows that allow natural light into the room. Palm plants and tropical flowers are often included in the decor to make the area resemble an outdoor landscape. Garden tubs are the new “must-have” feature to complete the bathroom remodel.

What Is a Garden Tub? Range of Garden Tubs

You won’t find one type of garden tub in the trade, but a wide variety of products in many makes, models, and sizes. The common denominator for all of them is that they are large, much larger than ordinary bathtubs. Typically, a modern garden tub measures 42 inches wide, 60 inches long, and 24 inches deep, but they can be much larger and deeper. Because they are meant to offer and showcase luxury and comfort, garden tubs often have wide rims to hold bath accessories, plants, champagne flutes, or scented candles.

To Let You Know: Many garden tubs are located above or below ground level, with wide steps to allow access. Although water jets are traditionally excluded from garden tubs, some modern tubs have added them back in with the idea that they add to the relaxation and health benefits.

Before adding a “garden tub” to your bathroom specifications, consider the space you have and consider your budget. The convenience of this oversized freestanding tub won’t fit in a regular bathroom. You will need a huge bathroom since the oval tub cannot be placed against the wall, and you will not have a shower. Don’t order until you’ve spent some time with a tape measure.

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And if you have to ask about the garden tub prices, you probably don’t want a garden tub. The price of the tub alone, without installation and plumbing, can range from $1,000 to $5,000 as of 2021.

  • As a Bathtub

Can there be anything more relaxing than taking a bath in the garden? And yet, few of us think of installing a tub in the garden. It is common to install a shower to remove chlorine residues after a swim in the pool or to refresh ourselves after a day of sunbathing. Why not a tub? Finding an intimate space to install it is the first step to carrying out this proposal.

  • As a Planter


As a Planter


An old bathtub can become a great planter. You can use a garden tub as a planter. We can take advantage of its worn appearance or restore it and paint it in bright colors. Planting a mix of aromatic herbs, green plants, and flowering plants in it is always a great idea to fill the garden with color. You decide whether to use it standing upright or to slightly lay it down to integrate it into a flowerbed.

  • As a Pond or Fountain

We can replace the previously mentioned plants with aquatic plants and create a small pond with your garden tub. If we slightly bury the bathtub and incorporate some rockeries and plants into the set, we can achieve a fantastic picture with which to decorate the garden. And if we also add a fountain? The sound of water can be very relaxing.

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  • As a Sofa

And we finish with one of the most original ways to reuse our old bathtub: transforming it into a sofa. It can become your next DIY project. You will need to get your hands a little dirty, but it is not an impossible project. The most “expensive” part will be getting the right tool to cut and shape the new sofa.

Final Thought: What Is a Garden Tub?

So, are you confused about what is a garden tub? Again, a garden tub refers to a large, deep tub located in a garden or indoor location with a simulated outdoor feel. Garden tubs are designed for bathing and relaxation and usually do not include a shower or jets.

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Garden tubs were historically used in peaceful garden settings in France and other European countries that we mentioned earlier. Modern garden tubs are often placed indoors near large windows to allow a constant flow of natural light. Plants and flowers can be added to create a faux natural environment.

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